Inside the Empire: The True Power Behind the New York Yankees-by Bob Klapisch, Paul Solotaroff


A riveting look at what is really said and done behind closed doors with the New York Yankees, the most famous and wealthiest sports franchise in the world 

by Bob Klapisch, Paul Solotaroff

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108 STITCHES Loose Threads, Ripping Yarns, and the Darndest Characters from My Time in the Game Ron Darling with Daniel Paisner

In 108 Stitches, Ron Darling offers his own take on the “six degrees of separation” game and knits together a collection of wild, wise, and wistful stories reflecting the full arc of a life in and around our national pastime.

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The Polo Grounds: Essays and Memories of New York City’s Historic Ballpark, 1880-1963 (McFarland Historic Ballparks) Paperback – January 27, 2019 by Stew Thornley (Author, Editor

This book offers descriptive text and photos which give a sense of the glory of this classic ballpark. Additionally, this book contains historic articles and memories submitted by more than 70 former players who played at the Polo Grounds.

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Baseball Goes West: The Dodgers, the Giants, and the Shaping of the Major Leagues- Lincoln A. Mitchell
Baseball Goes West: The Dodgers, the Giants, and the Shaping of the Major Leagues Mitchell, Lincoln A.


Following the 1957 season, two of baseball’s most famous teams, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants,left the city they had called home since the 19th century and headed west. The Dodgers went to Los Angeles and the Giants to San Francisco. Those events have entered baseball lore, and indeed the larger culture, as acts of betrayal committed by greedy owners Walter O’Malley of the Dodgers and Horace Stoneham of the Giants. 

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The Big Fella Babe Ruth and the World He Created by Jane Leavy

“Jane Leavy could write the biography of a tube of toothpaste and I’d be first in line to buy it. Jane Leavy on Babe Ruth? Home run! Think you know the Babe? Not a chance—not until you read The Big Fella.” (Jonathan Eig, author of Ali and Luckiest Man)

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The Major League Baseball Ultimate Book of Records
The Major League Baseball Ultimate Book of Records

An Official MLB Publication hand bound in full grain leather.MLB’s team of in-house writers, researchers and historians have scoured the history of the game and written the most accurate, complete and definitive record of baseball stats and achievements. Major League Baseball Ultimate Book of Records documents the absolute best of the best and packs each achievement into this lavishly illustrated book where fans will be treated to never-before-seen photographs of their favourite players. Double-page spreads will show Henderson racing to second base to claim the stolen base record, while another full color spread celebrates Bond’s crushing hit that set a new threshold for most home-runs. 
     All the records are here, each with an account of events and spectacular photographs that make this truly the most spectacular baseball book ever published.

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The Science of Hitting Paperback –
The Science of Hitting Genuine Leather

The Classic and greatest book on hitting from the last baseball player to break the magic. 

The Science of Hitting is a must-read for all baseball fans and make a great present for anyone who loves baseball!

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A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches
A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches Hardcover – April 2, 2019 by Tyler Kepner (Author)

“There has been so much good writing on the subject of baseball that you sometimes wonder if there can be a fresh way to go about it. But Tyler Kepner turns the trick. Analytical and anecdotal, insightful and entertaining, K is a welcome addition to the baseball bookshelf.”
–Bob Costas

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A Franchise On The Rise: The First Twenty Years Of The New York Yankees Dom Amore

Dom Amore is a twenty-year member of the Baseball Writers Association of America who has been writing about sports for Connecticut newspapers since 1982 and for the Hartford Courant since 1988, covering the Yankees, MLB, and baseball at all levels for much of that time.

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The Heart of the Game: An Illustrated Celebration of the American League, 1946-1960 Andy Jurinko

Heart of the Game: An Illustrated Celebration of the American League, 1946-1960, nationally acclaimed artist Andy Jurinko has recreated this cherished era in a collection of more than 300 color paintings that celebrate the stars of the American League.

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